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Small business accounting isn’t about financial statements, budgets, or reconciling accounts. It’s about finding a comfort level in your finances. It’s about understanding and managing your resources so you can achieve more. It’s about finding your work-life balance as an ever so busy small business owner.

At Belt Accounting & Tax we don’t just “do accounting.” By taking the things like monthly bookkeeping, quarterly reconciliations, or annual tax preparation off your plate, we give you time to do more.

More team leadership. More time on the boat with your family. More sales calls. More time to hit the slopes. And, more time scratching the office dog behind the ears. Those are the best things about work and about life…we just help you keep them balanced.

Our team has a passion for our work. But, we also have a passion for life. So, we help you employ financial and tax strategies that allow you to enjoy more of both. A perfect balance between creative and correct means understanding and interpreting the tax law, ensuring you check all the right boxes while achieving maximum savings. It isn’t enough just to make payroll, file your taxes, or reconcile your accounts…you have to do it often. You have to do it consistently. Most importantly, you have to do it right. That’s what our team is here for.
Honest, efficient, knowledgeable

Kelli and her team are great! They are professional, caring and fun to work with. Paying taxes sucks, but Belt Accounting takes the stress out of it for our family! Thanks for all you do!
Kelli Belt
2417 Silvernail Rd
WI 53072
United States
Belt Accounting and Tax, LLC Kelli Belt
Kelli has been in the financial services industry for over 10 years, working in public and private accounting. Missing the excitement of business ownership and working with small businesses, she started Belt Accounting & Tax in 2014. Her primary focus areas include business tax preparation, tax planning, and business and tax advising.

Through community involvement, networking, and teaching Kelli goes beyond the norm by connecting with people, building trust, and educating her clients and prospective clients. Kelli is a person who “gets things done” through teamwork, partnerships, and relationships. With a passion and enthusiasm, she loves meeting new people and helping clients succeed in new ways.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and daughter. Whether it’s a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, skiing during the winter, or being out on the boat in the summer, it’s all about relaxing with friends and family.

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