1/1/2021  Tom Meredith
What is Buying Rite?

- Buying Rite is a crowd-sourced business review and social networking site that connects people with like-minded companies. The site has pages devoted to individual businesses, such as restaurants, stores, fitness centers, etc. Many consumers choose to support businesses that share a belief or value. The goal is to connect conservative-leaning businesses with passionate individuals who place importance on those values when making purchasing decisions.

Why should businesses advertise with Buying Rite?

- As the country becomes more and more divided, it is our mission to be able to peacefully connect people and businesses that have like-minded values. From a business and economic perspective, consumers are becoming more and more aware of where their hard-earned dollars go. With this, a vast majority of the general public constantly look for establishments to support based on beliefs.

- Prompt return on investment as well as maintaining a close-knit customer base.

o Cost and Pricing Options:

§ $250 per year - RED

§ $300 per year - WHITE

§ $350 per year - BLUE

o Depending on the business, the cost to break even on a Buying Rite advertisement could equate to one new customer a year. We are confident that you will experience a lot more.

How does Buying Rite work?

- Free website and mobile application that allows conservatives to browse right-leaning businesses in a particular area

- Businesses pay to advertise their business on the website/app in order to generate higher traffic to their websites, social media platforms, as well as to increase revenue

What if you don’t become a part of Buying Rite?

- Businesses who capitalize on this significant opportunity with the state of the country will instantly see results. Those establishments and companies who choose to stick to their current ways of market run the risk of missing out on a huge part of the market.