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Higher Health Chiropractic
7702 S Cass 135
Darien, IL 60561
United States

MWF 10-7 pm for human practice T TH S by appointment and reserved for animals

Higher Health Chiropractic and Dr. Anna Maria Martusciello have been bringing health and wellness to the Chicagoland communities since 1985. Loving both her human and animal practice, each with its similarities and unique differences. Yes your pets can benefit greatly from Chiropractic care.
As far as the human side of this practice, we have seen many miraculous turn arounds.
Lets face it, these days it just makes sense to live not just preventatively but proactively...and that's just what chiropractic care is.
Its really not about back pain as once thought, but restoring the nerve system that controls and coordinates all functions in our bodies and our pets too.
Any misalignment in that spinal column can interfere with the vital communication that occurs between our brains and bodies...that ultimately maintains, restores, regenerates, and manifests health.

This is true for any age group from infants to seniors.
Dr. Anna is also certifed in Chiropractic pregnancy Webster technique for breech position (with a high percent being able to avoid the dangerous c-section births)
We also focus on nutrition and spinal rehab because our clinic is a corrective care type, rehab is essential in maintaining that corrected proper position.

Most of our patients as they are on their holistic health journey, find great enjoyment in the results they experience.

Xray services on the premises.
Annamaria Martusciello

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