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Avanti Engineering, Inc. provides complete screw machine and precision CNC turning services that offer a great degree of flexibility to each customer project.

Whatever your industry or niche - hydraulics, plumbing, aerospace, marine, electronics, medical, or beyond - Avanti Engineering can assist by precision-machining high-quality machined components that are sure to meet even the most precise specifications and tolerances.

'Avanti' translated is Italian for 'move forward ' and moving forward is exactly what Avanti Engineering, Inc. has been doing since 1972. Founder and CEO Joseph J. Bratta began in a small garage-based operation on a Davenport. His philosophy of superior service combined with quality work and competitive prices are just a few of the ways in which Avanti Engineering sets itself apart from the competition. ''Avanti's commitment to providing world- class manufacturing is demonstrated by our understanding of client expectations. We then deliver and even improve upon them. Customers know they can rely on Avanti Engineering because we stand behind our products 100%." Avanti Engineering takes great pride in their resources, experience and standards, which are unmatched in the machining industry. Whether you need 2,500 parts or up to 20 million parts, Avanti Engineering will get it done promptly, competently and accurately.

The ISO 9001: 2015 Standard
At Avanti Engineering, we meet every ISO 9001:2015 standard and requirements. This impacts a wide range of operations, from order entry and engineering to produce trace-ability, final inspection and continuous improvement and beyond. Avanti Engineering, Inc. maintains a C=0sampling plan and wide range of quality assurance measures to ensure that each and every part is manufactured to the tightest tolerances and the highest qualities.

Our quality assurance measures are performed regularly throughout the entire manufacturing process; it's a standard that has enabled Avanti Engineering to provide a very low PPM rating ongoing, while streamlining and optimizing our approach to manufacturing. 100% high speed vision sorting for attaining higher AQL and even lower PPM is available upon request for high volume production. All of our machined parts feature extreme precision, including standard 1.33 cp/cpk or better consistency and unmatched quality.

At Avanti Engineering, Inc., our experience and expertise gives us the flexibility needed to produce high-quality screw machine products. We understand the role that our machined parts play in the overall manufacturing assembly process, and we know how important high productivity and low inventory are to our customers. We also know that our customers’ demands and machining needs change often, and we respond and adapt to these changes easily. Whether you’re looking for a high-volume, just-in-time order, or an extra-fine surface finish, you can rely on the CNC machining specialists at Avanti Engineering to deliver precise, efficient production at the best possible price.

Contact us today to learn more about the CNC , Swiss and Screw Machine Parts we manufacture. Our turned parts and high-volume machining specialists are always ready to discuss your needs.
Rocco Bratta
200 West Lake Drive
Glendale Heights IL 60139
United States
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Avanti Engineering, Inc. proudly offers a range of machining services, including CNC Multi-Spindle Machining, Automatic Bar Machining, CNC Machining, CNC Turning and Milling, Custom Machining, High Volume Machining, Multi-Spindle Screw Machining, and Swiss Screw machining.

Our screw machining equipment can handle an array of different materials, such as ferrous, non-ferrous and composites. Avanti Engineering maintains high-tech machining equipment and we have implemented an array of different quality control mechanisms, which have served to increase productivity and reduce turnaround time. This efficiency has allowed us to provide our customers with competitive prices, along with unmatched quality and precision – a hard-to-find combination!

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